Application Process

BBA students going SEP will need to return to NUS to complete 1 semester before graduation.


Students would have to complete most of the foundation business administration modules (6-8 modules) before they can go on overseas exchange.


Students who are pursuing an Accounting Specialisation or on a Double Degree Programmes will have to consult the Dean’s Office on the pre-requisites and eligibility criteria.


Selection Criteria:


(1)  Academic Performance – CAP (70%)
(2)  Core Curricular Activities – CCAs (30%)
          - Participation in clubs/societies/halls (up to 10 points)
          - Caring for the Community (up to 5 points)
          - Leadership & Entrepreneurship (up to 5 points)
          - Achievements (up to 5 points)
          - Attendance of BIZ talks & seminars (up to 5 points)

Examples for the various criterias can be found in this SEP Grading System for your reference

Criteria FAQ Contact Point